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BioEnergy Applied Technologies, Inc.

BioEnergy Applied Technologies, Inc. is committed to the development of technologies that will destroy and eradicate hazardous, toxic and pharmaceutical waste, which presently cannot be completely destroyed. Instead, it must be neutralized, buried, and accounted for by the producers, for as long as the waste poses any environmental threat.

  • Active Pharmaceutical Intermediates and Regulated Medical Waste:
  • Pose a serious threat to the environment
  • Must be stored and destroyed at a significant expense to the producer
  • Often end up in our Water Systems due to improper storage
  • Create Long Term Liability issues for producers

The Environmental Bottom Line

Over 40 million tons of hazardous waste is generated in the United States each year. Pharmaceuticals are now attracting attention as a unique class of water pollutants. Antibiotics, anti-depressants, birth control pills, seizure medication, cancer treatments, pain killers, tranquilizers and cholesterol-lowering compounds have been detected in varied water sources around the globe. The U.S.G.S. is currently conducting the first nationwide assessment of “emerging contaminants” found in streams, rivers, and lakes including the occurrence of human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, sex and steroidal hormones and other drugs such as antidepressants and antacids. These newly recognized water pollutants issues should develop into a significant revenue stream with appropriate regulation, handling and disposal guidelines.

Legal Liability – Waste Producers

Environmental Law, or the “toxic tort” acts have forever changed the face of industrial development in the US, allowing for personal injury lawsuits for contaminated ground water or non breathable air

Thousands of compensation lawsuits are filed against big industry companies for causing personal injury or property damage through negligent practices in the production, storage, transport, and sale of certain toxic substances Federal Environmental Laws – such as NEPA, TSCA, RCRA and CERCLA – passed in the 1970’s and ‘80’s – are enforced more stringently and used as the basis for class action suits and compensation lawsuits The BAT Solution allows waste liability to be eliminated from a company’s balance sheet, regulatory affairs, and risk management systems