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Global Tech Industries Group, Inc. cautions shareholders regarding recent social media misinformation

While Global Tech Industries Group, Inc. (OTCQB: GTII) (“GTII” or the “Company”), www.gtii-us.com, a Nevada corporation, maintains its position that there is a serious, unaddressed and ongoing naked shorting problem related to its common stock, recent postings on various social media platforms have suggested that the problem is, at least in part, due to the actions of Mr. Curt Kramer, Mr. Seth Kramer, their firm, Power Up Lending Group, and their related parties, including Geneva Roth Remark Holdings. At this time, the Company has no specific evidence of any kind of a particular broker, bank, institution, or individual, including Mr. Curt Kramer, Mr. Seth Kramer, Power Up Lending Group, or Geneva Roth Remark Holdings undertaking such activity, but will continue to take action to combat any illegal trading or naked shorting in its stock whenever it occurs.

David Reichman, Chairman & CEO, stated, “GTII does not release information on social media platforms. We advise our shareholders to rely directly on our filings, disclosures, press releases and website updates. The Company has had no dealings with Mr. Kramer or Power Up, with the exception of a convertible debenture note agreement, which the Company entered into with Geneva Roth Remark Holdings on November 27, 2020, then paid in full, in cash, prior to maturity, and had the reserved stock released by Mr. Kramer on March 1, 2021.”

The Company continues to recommend that its shareholders rely solely on

information that has been posted on the GTII official website, www.gtii-us.com, as well its own published information, in the form of SEC filings, disclosures and press releases, when gathering information about the Company, its ongoing business, capitalization, and future plans

About Global Tech Industries Group, Inc.: GTII is a publicly traded Company incorporated in the state of Nevada, specializing in the pursuit of acquiring new and innovative technologies. Visit GTII here https://gtii-us.com/.

Please follow our Company at: www.otcmarkets.com/stock/GTII or at https://gtii-us.com/

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