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Board of Directors

Frank Benintendo: has been a Director since 2004. Mr, Benintendo has spent over 45 years in the graphic arts/marketing field and was Chief Creative Officer of Popcorn Indiana, Inc., a Goldman Sachs investment portfolio company from 2003 to 2015,which was sold to Eagle Brands. Today, Mr. Benintendo runs his own creative/marketing consulting firm, FBI Designs, Inc. working in the Consumer Goods Product area. Mr. Benintendo’s skills and background were attractive to Global Tech Industries Group, Inc. since it had no creative/marketing staff. Mr. Benintendo’s design firm designed the current Global Tech Industries Group logo and worked several versions of its website, including the current iteration.

Don Gilbert, PhD: has ben a Director since 2006. Mr Gilbert has been an Enrold Agent, licensed to practice before the U.S. Treasury Department and Department of Taxation in all fifty states. Mr. Gilbert served the US Treasury fo r35 years in various legal and tax-related managerial positions. For the past 17, years, he has worked in the corporate world with executives across the country. Mr. Gilbert has business connections that have been helpful to Global Tech Industries Group.

Gregory Ozzimo: became a Board member in 2014. Mr. Ozzimo has over thirty years’ experience in the commodities and oil trading businesses. Mr. Ozzimo has served as group Vice President at Philipp Brothers (Salomon Brothers) in charge of Energy Product trading for over ten years, and has held other similar positions in the Energy sector. Currently, Mr Ozzimo is an independent contractor with Transamerica Insurance.